Sergio Cerchi | Italian Poetic Painter

Sergio Cerchi is a painter from Florence Italy and was born there only. He is currently living in the same country. He works and plays with beautiful figures and shapes with his vision of reality which is marked by an expressive value and ethical impulse. Sergio Cerchi’s artworks are philosophical, historical, psychosocial and artistic as well. 

He has worked on varied subjects which includes landscapes and different views. There are many themes and wallpapers in his art works which have radically changed the ‘plant material and coloristic’.  His paintings seemed to look like a music pentagram with blending of horizon planes and volumes in which we can find beautiful figures and nice details which emerge readable and compounds so far from original. Hi works consists of Shades of oil paints, warm tones 'of carmine red, mixed with shades of ocher, damage to stony elements, sculptural, iconic materials and substances of the greatest masters of' Primitive art from the Renaissance. Sergio’s art works completely look like a beautiful poetry.