Marcos Damascena | Brazilian Hyper Realist Painter | 1981

Marcos Damascena was born in the year 1981, he is a hyperrealist painter who was born in Bahia Pocoes and later got settled in St. Paul and began his career by studying with some of the biggest names in figurative art. He has studied with some of the very reputed artist such as Luis Alberto, Paulista Association, Master Abraham Jorge Esteves.

Marcos has won several awards and his art works are extremely detailed and he has set the style of his own. His art works carry a strong expressions and captures the intimate moment of every being. He loves to draw the soul of human beings in various stages. He is one of the most noted Brazilain painters and his works are very sought after by art lovers, dealers and art critics. Have a look at Marcos Damascena’s art works, hope you like them: