January 14, 2014

Karen Wallis | Female Figurative Painter | Waiting for you

When I had a look at Karen Wallis paintings, I was out of words as her paintings seemed to remind me of my childhood dream where I saw lots of colors and love. Her paintings are simply a mist of dreams..Don’t you think so? I believe that every art lover would agree that Karen Wallis paintings are simply a plethora of beauty and dreams.  

Well! Karen Wallis is a British painter who was born in Middlesbrough and later studied at the Teesside University and Durham University as well. She earlier was a teacher and used to divide her time among teaching and painting but currently she is devoting her time only to painting, for her painting is the best way to get peace of mind and find god. Karen loves to paint with oils as well as with acrylics and makes evocative and hazy images. Her art works seems to be a mixture of fine art and abstract which has an edge of contemporary art.

Karen loves to draw figurative works and paints stunning images which depicts the charm, sensuality and tenderness of female figures. You can always find magical touch in the paintings made by Karen. She paints beautiful images and then very nicely crafts them in imaginary space with a glimpse of drifting light and air, which takes the viewer in some imaginary world. Have a look at some of her paintings and enjoy her art:

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