Jan 26, 2014

James Sant (1820-1916) | British Painter

James Sant was one of the very well known British painters, he was born in 1820 and died in 1916. He was a specialized painter of portraits and was a member of the Royal Academy. James Sant took birth in Croydon and his teacher was John Varley and Augustus Wall Callcott.

As you all can he that he had a very long life and lived to the age of 96 years, thus he had produced an astonishing number of canvases for exhibition at the Academy. The count of his art works are nearly 250, which he made from 1840 through 1904.

He was elected to the RA in 1870, and in the year 1872 James Sant was appointed as a Principal Painter in Ordinary (official portraitist) to Queen Victoria and the royal family. Later in the year 1914, Sant resigned from the RA to "make room for younger men." Most of James art works can be found at the Tate Gallery. His brothers name was George Sant who was a very well known landscape painter. James Sant’s sister Sarah Sherwood Clarke was also an artist, but all that remains of her work is a collection of 48 different views of Scotland from 1854; thus James hailed from the family of artists. Check out some of the beautiful paintings by James and enjoy.

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