Herbert James | British Mythological Painter | 1863-1920

Today I am going to share art works and paintings of Hebert James Draper who was born in 1863. He was a British painter who started his career in the Victorian Era which extended through the first two decades of the 20th century. Herbert lived on this planet till 1920. Herbert’s art works were basically focused on mythological themes from the ancient Greece. 
He was an award winning artist and one of his most famous painting is “The Lament For Icarus” which won the gold medal at the exposition Universelle in Paris in the year 1900 which was later brought to the Tate Gallery by the Chantery Trustees. In his lifetime Herbert James Draper did many paintings and art works. One of the Herbert’s decoration art works was the decoration of the ceiling of the Draper’s Hall in the City of London. Herbert James was a very well known portrait painter He participated in many annual expositions from 1890 onward. As in the later years the taste of people for mythological paintings changed so Herbert started concentrating more on making portraits. Have a look at some of the most beautiful paintings by Herbert, hope you like these J: