January 16, 2014

Gary J. Hernandez | American Hyper realistic Painter

You may have seen many hyper realist painters from all over the world but I am sure that you are like this artist’s works. I am taling about Gary J. Hernandez who is an internationally recognised and an award winning artist from Victoria, Taxes. 

He is currently working and living in Houston, Texas. He is a student of Houston Museum of Fine Arts School of Art. It was in the 1986 when he decided to pursue his career as a full time professional painter and sold his graphics design.

Gary has held many art exhibitions especially in the Houston area he has also showcased his art works at many other places as well such as New York/ Santa Fe, Arizona/ Fairfield, Connecticut/ Topeka, Kansas/ Naples, Florida/ Springfield, Massachusetts, New Mexico/ Chicago, Illinois/ Cape Cod, Massachusetts/ Scottsdale etc. Have a look at some of the beautiful art works of Gary J. Hernandez and enjoy:

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