Elaine Murphy | Irish Abstract Painter

Elaine Murphy is an abstract Fashion Painter who is a native of Dublin, Ireland. She is a daughter of Mike Murphy who is one of the very famous tv host of Ireland and stars in many series which includes “Murphy’s America”. 

Since her childhood Elaine has displayed a lot’s of passion for creative drawing, painting and art works. She has also won many art awards for her art works while she was studying in the National College of Art in Dublin. Elaine Murphy has performed a lot as a high fashion model in Dublin as well as in London. She became a renowned fashion designer and an illustrator for women’s high fashion magazine, including Image, Woman’s way and U. She very soon transformed her career from fashion jewellery to figurative art works and abstract. Her art works have been celebrated worldwide and she has found many art admirers all around the world. She has designed for many different companies such as Waterford Crystal, Riverdance and Jewelry. Her paintings are loose and fluid with a combination of bold figurative and abstraction. Her art works have been in many private and public art collection nationally and internationally.