Chinmaya Panda | Indian Watercolor Painter | 1989

Chinmaya Panda was born in  November 04, 1989 at Bhubaneswar in Odisha. He is a self learned artist who loved to paint from his childhood. In the year 2011, Chinmaya completed B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from C. V. Raman College of Engineering, BPUT, Bhubaneswar.

Artist Statement:

"I am a young, self-taught artist(An artist Or rather, in the process of becoming one, as I am still learning the finer aspects of artistry) from India. Since childhood, I have a keen interest in painting, especially watercolors. During school days, I managed to win four gold medals and one silver medal as well as many others. Though trained as a chemical engineer, my born urge made me take up painting with zest once again. I like to portray my subjects as they are. Speaking of subjects, I prefer my subjects to be different, far removed from the daily monotonous regularity of life. For example, the devotee at eh ashram, the Bonda tribeswoman..and yes, being an Indian, I am a bit more inclined to portray the spectacle, the wonder that is my country, my land , on my paper as much as possible. I consider myself as a beginner, a newbie, a student. And as being a student, curiosity comes naturally to me,and it is this curiosity that drives me, motivates me to paint ,to put my ideas, my perspective of the world around me into the paper."


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