30 Amazing Rangoli Designs For Your Inspiration

Every art lovers loves playing with colors and as far as India is concerned then I must admit that they are very fond of beautiful colors, designs on patterns, be it on a canvas in the form of paintings or be it on the floor in the form of “RANGOLI”. 
Yes you guessed it right, this time I am sharing some of the best Rangoli designs with all of you for your inspiration. Let me first of all tell you that what is a Rangoli? Well! Rangoli is a colourful design which has lots of patterns and themes. Indians make Rangoli’s on some special occasions such as festivals, marriages, parties and other auspicious occasions to show and share their happiness and joy. A lot’s of variation can be seen in Rangoli designs throughout India, which each different state and place this “Rangoli” is called with different names such as:
  • Rajasthan: Mandana
  • Madhya Pradesh: ChowkPurna
  • Orissa: Ossa
  • Andhra Pradesh: Muggu
  • Maharashtra: Rangvalli
  • Kolkata: Alpana
  • Bihar: Aripana
  • Tamil Nadu: Kolam
  • Gujarat: Sathiya
Have a look at fineartandyou’s compilation of 30 beautiful Rangoli designs from all over India:

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  1. Nice collection of rangoli designs you have. The patterns are terrific, really captivating. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed it !!

  2. What a wonderful compilation of Rangoli Designs you have here. I really love the patterns,
    the color combination used and especially its captivating essence -
    really a superb artwork. Thank you for sharing anyway, really appreciated.