Jan 18, 2014

27 Beautiful and Vivid Paintings By Phan Thu

Landscape paintings are really very eye soothing and fascinating. Everyone loves to gives his or her eyes a treat and beautiful landscape paintings are the answer for this. Today, I am sharing beautiful and colourful paintings by Phan Thu Trang who is a Vietnamese award winning painter. 

Her paintings are full of vibrant neon colors and are very lively. Anyone who loves the freshness and radiance of Vietnam and its landscapes are a must see. I fell in love with Phan’s works the very moment I saw her art works. Her art works are based on the landscapes of Vietnam and she beautifully portrays day to day activities in a very colourful and vibrant way in her art and paintings. She uses a limited palette with beautiful textures and her own defined subjects. She draws vivid pictures of Northern villages of her country and tries to bring back the images of city and villages and gives life’s to her paintings. You can find smooth area of bright monotone sunlight with vibrant colourful trees. Have a look at her art and enjoy:

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