25 Awesome Sunrise Photographs

Hi all! Hope all of you must be doing great and having fun browsing this fine art blog J, Today I am going to share some beautiful photographs of sunrise with all of you. Taking such clicks is really a task for some who feel very lethargic in the early morning when it comes to waking up. 

But if someone somehow manages to get out of bed like an early bird and go in some open place where he/can get beautiful view of sun and the sky then nothing can be better than this. You will definitely get bonus by clicking beautiful and awesome photographs and enjoy the morning solitude. If you want to click some awesome mind blowing photographs then you must note down the following points in your mind:
  • Arrive at the right time, as early as possible so that you can set up your gadget at proper time while the sun breaks over the horizon.
  • Study the weather before stepping out so that you get the best click at best time.
  • Try to look for ground fog which will add a softer and romantic character to your photos.
  • Try to set the white balance to shade which will warm up the scene. Playing with color temperature could be very rewarding.
  • Stick to manual exposure, which will definitely give out the best results, if you stick to auto exposure then the scene many be rendered as if it’s a mid day.

Have a wonderful time while photographing the sunrise scenes as well as browsing these beautiful sunrise photographs.