24 Beautiful and Wonderful Surrealist Paintings By Russian Artist Boris Indrikov

Surrealism has always been one of my favourite painting style. So my today’s picks are the beautiful and wonderful mysterious surreal paintings by Russian artist BorisIndrikov. Boris was born in the year 1969 in Leningrad, Russia. 

He has always loved to paint and showcase his emotions and thinking on canvas. It was in the year 1994 that Boris Indrikov started his career as an independent artist. He is also a member of the International Federation of Artists of UNESCO. He loves to showcase his creativity in beautifully expressed and painted surrealist paintings which are seldom inspired by Eastern cultures. He has a great sense of attachment with the rhythm of lines. Most of his art works are monochrome in earth colors. His art works are in collection in Holland, Russia, France, the USA and Germany. Check out his mysterious surrealist paintings here and enjoy: