December 20, 2013

Xie Hengxing | Chinese Figurative Painter | 1959

 Xie Hengxing was born in China in 1959. He is a very well known artist from China and his memorable portraits have won him lots of international acclaim. I loved the way he portray the splendid colors on figures that are rendered with meticulous details. 

He is truly a perfectionist and a great painter. He spends a lot of time on his each and every painting; he spends at least some months on each of his large scale painting which limits his art work to four or five per year.

Award and Honours:
1982   Merit Award - "Herding" - Shanxi Art Exhibition
 1984   Outstanding Artwork Award - "Bounty Harvest" - Qinghai Provincial Council
 1986   Merit Award - "Northwestern Highland" - Qinghai Art Exhibition
 1987  Merit Award - "Highland Nomadic Season" - National Technology Art Exhibition
 Outstanding Award - "Mount Bayangeda" - 60th Anniversary of Army Establishment Art Exhibition
 1988     Gold Award - "Altitude" - 1st Qinghai Arts Competition
 1990 Gold Award - "Kunlun Mountain" - National Technology Art Exhibition
  Merit Award - "People from a Pure Land" - 1st Annual Outstanding Chinese Oil Painting Competition
 1991   Silver Award - "The Summer of Kangba" - Qinghai Art Exhibition
 1994   Gold Award - "Tibetan Girl" - Guangdong Art Competition Education
 1983   Bachelor of Fine Arts - Major in Oil Painting Xian Academy of Fine Arts
 1997   Master of Fine Arts - Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Major Auctions
 1997   "Girls of Tu Tribe" - 1st Annual Auction of Contemporary Chinese Art, Hong Kong.

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