Larissa Morais | Russian Painter | The Dream

Larissa Morais was born and brought up in Moscow. She was very influenced by her surroundings. Her art works seems to be very realistic as if such kind of art work could have possible only with photography. For her, the art works are architecture. Her mind is very creative and she sees each and everything with a new vision, which no one can see with naked eyes.

Her presentation of art works is really commendable. She has many favourite subjects but however, painting human figures and portraying their emotions is her favourite and much cherished possession and passion. The attention to details in her paintings is very strong and she brings reality to her art subjects. When any one looks at her art works, they see themselves in the company of beautifully drawn and well crafted female and male figures. Beautiful positioning of her art subjects is her strong paint as an artist. She conceives her art subjects from a sketch and later put them on a large black canvas. She uses beautiful black background for her art works with thin layer of oil paints. She captures each and every detail in her art works. Have a look at some of her beautiful paintings and enjoy: