Johannes Wessmark | Self Learned Swedish Painter | 1962

Johannes Wessmark was born in 1962 in Sweden. Wessmark currently living and working in Karlstad, Sweden and is  a self learned artist who has a background of 15 years as a product and marketing illustrator and 3D animator/illustrator. And uses color pencil, watercolour, oil and gouache as a medium. Johannes Wessmark’s art style is photorealism and realism.
  • Colored Pencil Society of America
  • IGOR - International Guild of Realism
  • Varmland Artist Association.

Artist Statement:
"I have no training in art but trust on innate talent, my passion for creating images and many years of experience as an illustrator. I take inspiration partly from the beautiful forests and costs here in sweden and partly from urban areas including my hometown Karlstad. Many images have also been given life thanks to my lively imagination where humor and twist often is found. Technically, the American photo-realists inspired me a lot in recent years".
"The colored pencils have always been my favorite tool, although I have painted many watercolors and air-brush paintings through the years. I like to mix the techniques. I paint large areas with watercolor or air-brush and details with the colored pencils and fine brush".


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