Dec 15, 2013

Eugene De Blaas | Austrian Academic Painter 1843-1931

Eugene de Blaas was born in 1843 and was an Austrian Academic painter, his father’s name was Karl and he was also a painter. Eugene was born in Albano near Rome and his parents were Austrian’s. In the year 1856, Eugene’s family moved to Venice and it was there where Karl became a professor at the Academy of Venice.  

He studied there at the Academy of Rome and the Academy of Venice , pupil of his father Karl, where now you can see his progress in 1860 and won the Wild already exhibited in the halls of the Academy. His first work of some importance is dated 1863 an altarpiece for the church of San Valentino in Merano (Bolzano today in the Domus Mercatoruma ).
Eugene has made many famous art works which includes the portrait of businessman Philip Morris ans Duchess Ersilia Canevaro. Most of his art works were based in the themes of Venetian landscapes and showed the lives of gondoliers, fishermen and Venetian beauties. He has exhibited his art works at different countries such as Paris, Berlin, Italy, Monaco, Brussels, Vienna, and London (1875 to 1892). Later from 1884 to 1890, he was appointed as a Honorary Professor of Painting ‘Academy of Venice. In 1931, he died and his works are currently exhibited in Museums in Nottingham, Melbourne, Leicester, Sydney, Vienna, Sheffield and Trieste. Have a look at some of his beautiful paintings.

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