Dec 2, 2013

Edwin Herde | American Figurative Painter

Hello friends J I am back again with yet another talented painters art works and he is none other than Edwin Herde. He is from America and it’s better to say that he is an American figurative painter and an illustrator. Lets first come to his biography: Edwin Herde was born in 1951 in Pennsylvania and he has mostly lived during his childhood days at his home which was in Bryn Athyn.

When he grew up, he completed his graduation from the Tyler School of Art in 1975 and from that he quickly jumped to a freelancing illustration career. It’s important to add here that while his graduation ceremony was going on, Edwin Herde went on to meet John Berg(the art director for Columbia records) in New York.  Edwin has worked a lot with many art publications and have produced many book covers for different magazines, advertisement and posters. 
He has also worked with famous personalities such as Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy and Margaret Truman and has done many book for these authors. He has also been associated with magazine illustrations from Popular Mechanics to Rolling Stone. Edwin is also an award winning artist which he has received from one of the most reputed and prestigious design and illustration institutions in the country. Its right to say that Edwin has works with virtually almost every major publishing house in the New York City. His works has also been published in many countries of the world as well. Hankins and Tegenborg has represented him in New York for more than 26 years. In the recent times he has started giving much emphasis and time to his long cherished passion of fine arts, paintings, drawing and illustration. He paint different subjects which comprises of local landscapes, his travels, everyday portrait and scenes, human figures and he works on commission also. Have a look at some of his art works and I am sure you will love his talent and art skillsJ

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  1. The use of color is so wonderful and the women are done so beautifully and full of sensuality. Wow!!

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