Dec 1, 2013

Eduardo Rodriguez | Colorful Abstract Paintings

Sharing art works of various painters is my passion. Each and every day I wish to show the readers of my blog some new art works which they enjoy looking at and praise the artist for their immense talent. This time I have come up with Eduardo Rodriguez art works. I loved Eduardo’s work J the colors and style used for painting is quite unique and commendable.
Artist Statement
With the use of bright colors, geometric shapes, dashes and dots I create extraordinary abstract imagery. I have been a painter for most of my life, taking painting classes from a very young age, but it wasn’t until recently that I started expressing myself through my artwork.

I am an artist obsessed with detail, expressing emotions through the fragmentation of color, capturing a great light in my artwork. In most of my paintings I represent the human form or some sort of human element and our connection to another plane of consciousness . In my process of painting, I sometimes have a very clear image of what I want to represent, they are images that pop into my head, and that is what I put down on canvas. At other times I just work from a feeling and start putting forms and colors down and later I look at it and find the story I want to tell.
My hope is that whoever sees my paintings will take something away with them, even if it´s just the spark of a memory or a feeling. And that is what great art does, it speaks to you through your emotions and changes you and the way you think and feel. I hope that I will be doing this for the rest of my life because I love to paint and the whole process of using my imagination to create fantastical imagery.

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