Beautiful Paintings By Guido Reni | Italian Painter | 1575-1642

Guido Reni was an Italian Baroque Painter who was born in Italy in 1575 and lived on this planet till 1642. When we talk about this artist's style and technique then we get to know his versatility as a painter. There are many different styles and shades in Guido Reni's paintings, which is not only in relation to different period of the executive but also in St. Matthew and anglostesso painting

There is an irresistible charm and appeal in the paintings of Guido Reni which mesmerizes the viewer at the very first sight. Guido Reni places a sensual charm of musical sweetness in all his art works. There are many unusual thoughts as well as daily relationship drama in his paintings.

Guido Reni was born in Bologna, in the Palace of Ariosti via San Felice 3, by Daniel, musician and master of the Chapel of San Petronio and Geneva Wells, November 7 is baptized in the church of St. Peter. Erroneous tradition that dates back to the late eighteenth century gives birth to Calvenzano (Vergato), Bolognese Apennines. In 1584, to tell the historian Carlo Cesare Malvasia, who met in life painter, he abandoned his studies of music, which had been started by his father, to enter nell'avviata Bolognese workshop of the Flemish painter Denijs Calvaert, a friend of his father, who commits him to keep him for ten years. Has for fellow apprentice painters destined to great success as Francesco Albani and Domenichino; studied Raphael, a copy of which more times the Ecstasy of St. Cecilia and the engravings of Dürer . - See more at: