Alan Ayers | Romance By American Cover Painter

This time I am in a mood to share beautiful hyper realistic paintings by Alan Ayers. His paintings and art works got best cover art for romances in a historical category by the Published Authors Network of Romance Writers of America.  He is a painter and illustrator from America.

I loved the depth of emotions and romance in his paintings. His works looks to be extremely realistic and it becomes really difficult to dig out a difference between paintings and photography, which shows his skill and talent as a painter and artist. I guess you all will agree that he is a phenomenal painter.  I am sharing some of his paintings which includes romance, scenes, suspense and various other subjects, which you will surely loveJ have a look at some and enjoyJ:


  1. These are fantastic! Passionate is the word I feel linking these all together. The romance ones were so sensual and sexy. Very erotic and exciting, I was enjoying each one so much and then the woman in white on the white bed totally did it for me. Made my night so wonderful :) Thanks so much for sharing these!