20 Fashion and Beauty Industry Photographs By Yulia Gorbacheko

This time I am going to share Yulia Gorbacheko’s beauty and fashion industry photographs which I found very attractive. The use of light and emotions are very well presented and portrayed in Yulia’s work.  Yulia is a photographer from New York, USA.

Artists Statement:
I am very much intrigued in the unpredictable results obtained from the experiment between a subject and myself. The discovery of a model’s charisma, mood, and emotion at the exact moment the shutter clicks is what makes “fashion imagery” more than a mere shot. No outlined storyboard or plan is needed. Staying within preset lines causes the magic of that connection to be lost. Yes, I do start with a concept in my head but once I’m on set I just let the energy guide my subject and I through the creation of each image.

Color, flare, and beauty are my addictions. My heart serves as guide – it never fails. My inspiration is unpredictable but its beauty precise. I see it, touch it, feel it, smell it; I find it everywhere. All of my images capture the unique and irreplaceable beauty of a model’s essence – nothing else is enough to please my demand for utmost expression. My desire to reach perfection is an obsession. It’s an insane illusion that will never happen but it fuels my Art.


  1. very intense colors balance by composition very interesting I like it!