Nov 11, 2013

Viktor Shvaiko | Russian Landscape Painter

ViktorShvaiko was born in 1965 in Russia’s remote town named Altai. He was born and brought up in natural beautiful surroundings, thus such beautiful surroundings made the very subject of his paintings. He was strongly inclined towards fine arts and paintings; this was the main force which drove him to the Novoaltaisk Artistic School, which is known to be one of the best schools for Arts in the former Soviet Union. Viktor studied there for four years that made and developed him as a talented artist with immense skills and unique taste of colors. He was truly a very diligent and hard working student. Viktor’s teacher was Ilbek Khairoullinov who taught Viktor the base and skills of being a painter, Viktor credit his teacher for his true fine art education.

He was much influenced by 19th century well known painter named Karl Brynllow brought Shvaiko very close to a traditional academic style of painting. His regimen of drawing is strict and he possesses an intricate technique which teaches him how to paint perfectly. He is an academic painter. When he was in Italy, he found many new followers for his art works due to his beautiful pieces of work. Later he returned to Russia and afterwards he immigrated to The United States, it was the place where he found his true love for painting cityscapes, which mostly comprises of painting cafes. Viktor has held his art exhibitions at some parts of Canada as well as in United States. His beautiful colourful art works have been currently a part of several museums in Russia. Hope you like his art works, I loved them a lot and collected some of his cityscape paintings here J

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