Nov 29, 2013

Mihai Criste | Romanian Surrealist Painter

Creative and different work is always appreciated by all! I also believe in the same thing. And as far as fine arts, photography, painting and sculpture work is concerned then it is always believed that creativity is the very essence and base of all these art forms and works. Today I am going to share some of the works of Mihai Criste which I liked a lot. Mihai Criste was born in 1975 and is very well known and is appreciated for his creativity skills and unique thoughtful paintings.

He is a Romanian artist who beautifully depicts and portrays the abstract art movement.  He is a surrealist which means that most of his art works and paintings are far away from reality and real world. They mostly are imaginative yet send a message to all the viewers. He is much fascinated by mystry, surrealism and abstraction. In 2001, he completed his graduation from the Visual Arts Academy in Romania and since then he has been regularly participating in many group exhibitions. He has also illustrated many children’s book such as The Wizard of Oz. His art pieces have special tough and can be easily distinguished from the works of other artists. Composition of his paintings is commendable and ideas and titles are the essence if his art. All his paintings are a mixture of different subjects which makes it difficult for viewers and art lovers to distinguish between surrealism and reality. 

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