Licio Passon | Italian Painter | 1965

There are many painters and artists all around the world. But some of them create such a beautiful work which touches everyone’s heart. I always believe in sharing such wonderful and talented artist’s artwork. Today I am sharing art works by Licio Passon, I loved his paintings a lot. Let’s start by sharing his short biographyJ. Well! Licio Passon was born in 1965 in Italy and is a much known landscape painter.

He is a son those parents who very well knew the hardship of the fields.It was Licio’s parents who have formed him and encouraged him to become a painter. Licio Passon’s works very well belong to his homeland which is of Friuli region. Licio spend his childhood in fields and was born in the second half of the the 60’s. The fields were his treasure where Licio found his artistic talent from the hidden fruit, flowers, little animals and berries. He had a whole little world to discover and used to understand and draw each and every detail. His love for painting and drawing started from there and since then he never left his colors and paintbrush. He never neglected his technical skills and studies in his entire life. It’s by god’s grace and his love and passion for arts that he never left his paint and brush even when he was working and here he contributed to develop his ability of observation and extraordinary talent. I thank god that he, gave such a brilliant and talented artist.

His art work has been recognised all over the world and right to call him as a “pictor optimus”. He has brought an international accolade for himself. All this has happened because of his skilfulness and adherence to reality.  His will to study, passion for arts, persistence and complete dedication tells us a lot about his character as an artist. His participation to great international events linked to art and a lot of success nationally and internationally have made Licio Passon in the last years to dedicate himself completely to painting in his art studio in Campoformido. There he created many beautiful art works and creations showing immense talent, skills and taste of colors. Almost all of his artworks are beautiful, convincing and lively than the original.