November 26, 2013

Josef Kote | Albanian Abstract Painter | 1964

Josef Kote was born in 1964 in the scenic port town of Vlore, Albanian. He is an abstract painter and uses vibrant colors to portray his thoughts and creativity. He is a modern artist who emerged to share his skills and talents with the whole world. He started to paint at an early age and his surrounding atmosphere constantly inspired him to create new artistic work that used to metropolis of Vlore of commercial industry and old world charm. All this was a perfect backdrop for an artist like Josef Kote who was an inspiring artist, the handsome and bright buildings of city and coastline provided Kote with an abundance of creative material.

He started to paint at an early age of 14 years and this was the time when he entered a competition to secure a spot at a prestigious art school. He started to learn art at The National Lyceum of Arts in Tirana and also learned traditional art education there for four years. In the year 1988, Josef Kote received diploma in painting and scenography and completed his graduation from the Academy. He gained a lot of respect and love of his peers and the art community at slow pace but his works are liked by all. In 1988, he also created a small animated film named Lisi which was well received. In the year 1990, he relocated to Greece and started to work there as a freelance visual artist. He loved to absorb and create surrounding landscapes and charming Grecian sunlight on his canvas. He infused all this in his work with greater warmth than ever before. He developed his artistic skills while he was in Greece and his art works/paintings got a very good response from all the art critics and art collectors, be they were private or public collectors. He worked on commission too. For example, in 2000, Kote worked on commission to paint the visiting president of Greece, Konstantious Stephannopoulos where he was hired on commission by Greek Community. With each stroke, Kote became more renowned and explored the far reaches of his vast creative mind. He brushed up his artistic mind and talent with each passing stroke and every new piece. Kote always wanted to widen his scope so moved to Toronto and improve his deft hand in everything which he touched.  Due to his artistic talent, he easily used to grab the culture, languages of a place for which he was very unfamiliar. He worked wonderfully to showcase his talent and skills and the lack of context for his current station in life made Kote’s work that much more profound. Very slowly, kote started to discover his other side. He started to paint more gently and with more feminine touch with a softer color palette. He in the beginning escaped from the drudgery of everyday life, now this has turned into his life force and driving force behind his works. Kote got an exceptional feedback from the artists fraternity that's why he was able to dedicate his life to arts and crafts.  Kote’s passion transformed into the quest for universal success. In 2009, he landed in the Big Apple which is one of the greatest hub for artists and their culture. Currently, kote is living and working in New York. It is rightly to call him a unique talent who beautifully and perfectly blends abstraction to real life. He is well known for beautiful portraits and scenic paintings. His modern style of painting moved from impressionism to expressionism, only future will tell about the greatest heights which this artist will achieve but one thing is for sure that his paintings will continue to charm the viewer with shimmering moments, amazing lighting, love and energy for the subject which he uses to portray.

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