Jonathan Ahn | Korea Born Figurative American Painter | 1977

Jonathan Ahn is a Korea born American painter and was born in Seoul, South Korea and showed his artistic talent from his early childhood. At a tender age of seven Jonathan moved to the Boston area and there he began his study under a profound artist named Mrs. Angell-Rickenbacker for almost a decade till the time he stayed there. Then he left for Paris, France. After reaching Paris, Jonathan continued to study art in Paris within the hallow Parisien Museums. He continued to study the work of old artist there and also produced lots of substantial body of work.
He can also be called a traveler as he has traveled all around the world for several years and then he got settled in San Francisco and received his MFA at the Academy of Art University. He is a figurative artist as well as loves to draw portraiture. He is a master of various coloring medium such as charcoal, pencil, oil, acrylic. He also specializes in sculpture. Jonathan is currently represented by Santa Barbaram Waterhouse Gallery, Cohen Abee Gallery, Silvana Gallery, Dennis Rae Fine Art Gallery and Studio Gallery, San Francisco. He is currently living in San Francisco and work as a painter and artist there.  His paintings are realistic and apart from figurative and portraiture work, his paintings also comprises of Urban Street Scenes. Some his paintings have been compiled here, hope you like them J