Inna Tsukakhina |1968 | Russian Figurative Painter

Inna Tsukakhina is a Russian painter and was born in Krasnodar in 1968. Later in 1986, she completed her graduation from Krasnodar Art School. In the year 1993 she completed her studies from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev. In 1995 she joined Artists Union SF as a member. And from the year 2002, she joined Master of the Academy of Artists in Prague. She wrote almost in one breath Courteouns nude and “Floral Still Life”. She loves to draw figurative works, especially that of a woman, she wonderfully portrays the naked female body with emotional environment. She has always linked the image of a woman to that of a flower. She loves the sweetness of both.

She depicts and portrays female flower wonderfully and perfectly, she always believe that a woman is always sweet and smells like a flower and she could never be like fetus. Her art works searches for and portrays the society, way of life and history. Her art works always portrays beauty which finds a receptive audience like bumblebee and drinking the nectar of flower. Oriental traits are evident from her paintings with exquisite eroticism and love of being as the sole and single reality. It seems as if she has inherited her artistic talent from artists of early twentieth century such as Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Mikhail Vrubel.