Goyo Dominguez | British Romantic Realist Painter | 1960

This time I am going to share the works and paintings of a Spanish born British Romantic Realist Painter. His name is Goto Dominguez and is regarded as a romantic realist who paints figurative works with a unique sense of imagination, vision, thoughts and beauty. Goyo Dominguez was born in 1960 and is a very known for his artistic skills and is very much capable for showing his technical skills and styles on canvas. His compositions are very serene and compelling which are full of enchanting subject matters.

It is very apt to say that he is one of the most talented artists from Spain. Let’s very quickly figure out Goyo’s short biography and early years of his struggle: Goyo spent his formative years in studying for the priesthood which later had a great and profound effect on his art works and career.  He later gave up his vocation to devote himself completely to fine arts and painting at Madrid’s Complutense University. He portrayed the roots of his homeland, history and culture in an orderly harmony of color and form which showed his intellectual ability to assimilate all these together. His favorite themes are still life, landscape and human body which are inspired by his works of the 16th and 17th century. His works are called an intriguing result of the fusion of Renaissance Europe and Classical World. His works are often regarded as a mixture of various elements of transcending classical past and the present and abstract work. I loved the hidden realism in his paintings which mesmerizes the viewer and kept me drooling over his art works and paintings. Check out some his beautiful art work and enjoy J