Gaetano Previati | Italian Painter | Love of Ages | 1852-1920

Gaetano Previati was born in the year 1852 in Ferrara, Italy. He was from arts field and studied art in his town Ferrara and later moved to Milan and he attended there The Academy of Brera. He stood out among all others completely due to his artistic talents, his creativity, innovation and modernity. The nineteenth century was regarded as an era of impressionist and then post impressionist. This artist whose name is Gaetano Previati is among the very few artists who changed the tradition of nineteenth century history painting and opened a new era and century to the modernity of symbolism and Pointillism and regarded as the father of pointillism and symbolism.

He apart from being an accomplished painter and artist also wrote treaties on arts in which he esposed the new style and vision of painting. He was also among those painters who found it necessary to sanction writing and studying the style and characteristics of new art. He was a student in Florence from 1876 to 1877 of A. Cassioli and Milan (1877-80) of G. Bertini. He emerged with Cream of Hostages(1879, Florence, A gallery of Modern Art), in which he beautifully portrayed the contrasting light and color effects as well as mixture of dark colors, which adhered to the troubled romance of F. Faruffini. His works were very sensitive to the influence of V. Grubicy and other contemporary artists such as European symbolist, P. Aimed at symbolic transfiguration of various styles and elements. He developed his own unique style which comprised of thread like long brush strokes and clear color ranges. He wrote some works of theory which included technique of painting, Technology and art in 1913, 1906 the painting. His works were exhibited at various art galleries. Some of his famous art works are The Fall of the Angels, triptych in 1912, Rome, National Gallery ' modern art) Maternity, 1891 Novara, Banca Popolare, Marie at the foot of the Cross, different versions, from 1890 to 1900, the Sun King, 1890 - 93, Milan, Gallery of Modern Art, and in the year 1901, Brussels, Royaux Musées des Beaux-Arts, the series of studies for the Way of the Cross in year 1901-02,. Of particular interest is the series of illustrations for the Betrothed of A. Manzoni (1891-96, published only in 1900).