Gaetano Bellei | Italian Painter | 1857

Gaetano Bellei was an Italian Academic Painter who was born in 1857. He later died in 1922 in the same city. He enhanced his artistic talent by learning art from Adeodato Malatesta and Comrade of John Muzzioli. When he was 24 year old, he won the Retired Potetti due which he was able to visit Rome to study arts. One of his most notable masterpieces is Rizpah which he completed there.
He took part in many local exhibitions in Florence. Afterwards, he came back to his native city became a professor in the Institute of Fine Arts Designer Polite. He was a master of fine art and used to use palette as a bright, fresh and creative tool. He was also a brilliant portrait artist. He has held many art exhibitions throughout his life, one such notable art exhibition was held in London in 1822 at The Royal Academy. Some of his most notable paintings were Gallery Poletti in Modena II portrait of ND Marga Zuccoli-Nasi, Rispa, The Vergin Mother and The Four Seasons. Have a look at some of his beautiful art works J