Sep 6, 2018

Cesor Santos | Figurative Paintings

I have seen many figurative painters from all around the world but today I am going to share some of the very beautiful paintings by painter Cesar Santos. From the very first look of his paintings, I fell in love with his art works. I guess he has such an immense talent and his paintings sing the saga of the kind of talent which this Cuban Born American artist possesses. He is a young emerging talent form America. Let’s put some light on the life and background of Cesar Santos.
Well! Cuban born American Painter and was born in Santa Clara. However he grew in Miami. In Miami he studied at the New World College the conceptual art. He later travelled to Italy to find e new inspiration for his painting skills and found some new sound training. He then got settled in Florence and started to improve and enhance his artistic skills at the Angel Academy of Art under Micheal John Angel who was a well known painter and a student of Pietro Annigoni. Cesar Santos then returned to Miami and built a hugely successful career there by illustrating some new unconventional ideas, images and pictures in complex compositions. By having a look at his work we can find out that, he takes the things out of their natural environment and builds a new one and entertains us with a new reality and world. He makes a harmony between both the worlds i.e. natural and theoretical. Almost all his paintings carry some inherent hidden meaning and appeal tp them. Currently, Cesar Santos has undertaken a series of theoretical and suggestive paintings which seems to be very appealing and as usual carry some kind of inherent appeal to them. He has had many group and solo shows in Latin America, Europe as well as in North America. His art works have also been displayed at the Villa Bardini Museum in Florence, Italy and one very famous museum in Milami, FL named The Frost Art Museum. All his beautiful art works are quite commendable and depicts the inherent artistic skills of Cesar Santos. Have a look at some Cesar’s Nude portraits:

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