Beautiful Paintings Of Children

Hi everyone J I love children and when it comes to painting then I believe that no other subject could be as better as children. They make us feel happy, laugh and help us to forget all tensions. I have seen many painters who truly love to paint children and most of these paintings are really adorable and eye soothing. Be it the choice of color or their clothes or their garments or their activities, all these lovable children makes us feel happy and reminds us of our childhood days.
Many painters portray some of the very beautiful moments and activities of children through the medium of paint and colors. Canvas is one of the best platforms where our thoughts and moments can be captured beautifully.  I want to take an opportunity to thank all these talented and skillful artists for creating such beautiful pieces of art and capturing each and every detail in their work. Their work is truly commendable. This time I have compiled some beautiful and adorable paintings of children at one place. These paintings are the collection of the works of many famous artists and are random selections from this fine art website. These are some of my favorites! Hope you like these too J check out some beautiful paintings of children.


  1. Who is the artist of painting #6, the three girls getting dressed? And also #15, the two ballerina girls with umbrellas? Thank you!!

  2. These are so pretty! I love the little girl with the cat and the one with the cherries.

  3. Unas imágenes preciosas! Me siento identificada con algunas! 💛💛💛