Alejandro Rosemberg | Argentine Figurative Painter | 1981

Alejandro Rosemberg was born in 1981 and is an Argentine Figurative and hyper realistic painter who is currently living in Buenos Aires. He teaches painting and classical techniques there. He graduated from the National University of Codoba Art School where he received degree in Fine Arts in painting. He has worked with Maestro Claudio Bogino who taught Alejandro about various classical painting techniques. Many of his art works and paintings have been in many private collections all over the world.  Alejandro has already earned accolades and lots of admirers all over the world, his paintings also highlight the Elia-Robirrosa Collection. His art works are in collection in various countries which includes China, New Zeland, Italy, Panama, United States and Argentina. He has already earned great fame all around the globe and participated in numerous international fairs and exhibitions at national as well as international level.