Tim Gaydos | U.S. Figurative Painter | Pastel Paintings

Artist's Statement
"I paint directly from life. For landscapes, this requires working in sometime arduous circumstances often requiring me to walk long distances carrying all my gear. I feel the emotional impact and energy of a place is best captured when one is experiencing it with all one's senses.
"For me, the composition of a painting is its most important technical aspect. The stronger the composition, the greater the impact.
"In recent years, I have been moving more and more toward abstracting the landscape by eliminating detail, simplifying shapes, and exaggerating colors with the intent of creating stronger composition. In the studio, I study the paintings and often adjust the compositions. I will then go back to the actual scene and continue to work. This process may go on for some time."

Tim Gaydos has been a master pastelist of the Pastel Society of America since 1987. He has had solo exhibitions at The Montclair Art Museum, the Bergen Museum and the University of Maine. He has received more than 200 awards, most notably the American Watercolor Society Gold Medal of Honor. He subsequently had a 7-page feature article in American Artist (Jan. 2002) and an interview in The Pastel Journal (Oct. 2007.) He has shown in the New Jersey Arts Annual, the New Jersey State Biennial and the National Academy of Design Annual a total of six times. In 2006, he was awarded a Fellowship Grant for painting by the New Jersey State Council of the Arts.