Kerry Brooks | Russian Painter | 1976

Kerry Brooks was born 1976, she developed love for representational art and portraiture while studying with a private teacher during middle school. Her interest in traditional art forms led her to study at the Ukrainian Academy of Art in Kiev, and the renowned Repin Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. She furthered her studies at the New York Academy of Art.
Kerry includes stark and simple compositions in her work, allowing common and familiar subjects to be graced with beauty and dignity. 

''Through representational art I strive to manipulate the formal constructs of a painting in order to create portraits that reveal the particular character or personality of my subjects, or landscapes that may be imbued with a specific mood or spirituality. I often use stark or simple compositions in order to emphasize the beauty and dignity of my subject.
As the beginning of the twenty-first century experiences a renaissance in representational art, I seek, along with my “New Realist” contemporaries, to continue within the rich tradition of representational art and to transmit ideals such as beauty and truth through my work.''
-Kerry Brooks