Sep 2, 2013

Kenneth Potter [1926-2011] | American Watercolor Artist

Kenneth Potter [1926-2011] was born in Bakersfield, CA. Education: San Francisco Academy of Art, Academie Frochot (Paris), Istituto Statale d'Arte (Florence);
Member: Society of Western Artists; American Watercolor Society. Ken is a third generation Californian. He grew up in Northern California during the depression and began drawing regularly at an early age. While living in Sacramento, he received art instruction through a W.P.A. sponsored program. As a teenager, he visited the 1939 World’s Fair art exhibit in San Francisco where he viewed works by many of the world’s greatest artists. He was particularly excited about modern works, especially the French modernists. His paintings are vivacious and often show influence of cubism and divisionist ideas. But his personal style dominates his art works. He has mostly worked with transparent watercolors. In addition to his watercolor works, he has produced murals in France and California.

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