Sep 3, 2013

Kelly Anne Davit | British Painter | 1980

Kelly Anne Davit was born in 1980 in London, UK and currently living and working in
London. Her paintings have shiny and glossy overtones, so familiar from low-culture and contemporary celebrit. She creates jaw dropping fine art portraits. She only got graduated in 2002 and the most exciting aspect of Kelly-Anne Davitt’s work is the potential, she is already been commended by the National Portrait Gallery for her work of sublime beauty and great talent.

She creates beautiful and ultra-realistic paintings  of women dressed in the style of the 1950s, the birth of the modern consumerist world, in a way which manages to feel distinctly contemporary.
The paintings of Kelly-Anne Davitt glow with shimmering, youthful light and characters whose eyes glisten with hope and optimism. Her painting subjects often look like sexy Airhostesses from a bygone era or a nostalgic airline poster with their perfect complexions and horizon-bound stares. Even the monotone blue backgrounds bring to mind the act of flying, whether a physical journey or a one of dreams and emotions. 

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