Sep 28, 2013

Grace Paleg | Australian Pastel Painter

I am an artist who specializes in the medium of pastel. I keep changing my mind about how long this apprenticeship is! Maybe a few years, maybe ten or twenty as I once thought - not so - I'm up to 40 and am now beginning to hope my apprenticeship won't be cut short. There is a lot of work to be done and I feel now with every new painting that my journey has just begun.

I have always enjoyed and been confident in my own abilities to draw, and happily no-one ever told me that I couldn't.
I studied Graphic Design at Swinburne in Melbourne for two years and life drawing and portraiture at the Sydney Tech. Although I enjoyed very much the life of the art student I feel that the best instruction I received was working privately in oils with the late Leslie Sinclair at Monsalvat in 1985. I appreciated greatly her expertise in tonal impressionism and her honesty and quiet humility.

I also benefited from the tuition of the late Allan Martin at his studio in Eltham. I have never had lessons in pastel but know that my founding in oil paves the way perfectly for pastel.I had two young sons when I found it more and more difficult to juggle the busy lifestyle with the restrained requirements that go along with working in oil. Not so the get-up-and-go of pastel. A friend and fellow artist introduced me to the medium in 1987 and I have been with it happily ever since. I began exhibiting in 1990 and joined the Victorian Pastel Society in 1993. I am since a member of the Victorian Pastel Society and the Australian Guild of Realists Artists.
My family and I spent seventeen years in country Victoria before a move in 1994 to the south coast of N.S.W. where I opened the Grace Paleg Fine Art Studio Gallery two years later.
It is from here that I continue to work and teach local students, as well as hold workshops for various groups around Australia.


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