Bob Doucette | Caricatures | American Artist

Bob Doucette was raised in Maine surrounded by a very arty community. He started drawing and painting as a child and was encouraged by his parents with art lessons. He started painting classes at age eight but his mother decided he was too messy for oil paints and he switched to acrylics soon after.  He has been using them ever since. Several amazing Maine artist taught and encouraged his development as an artist. Here are a few of his favorite art teachers from Maine: Linda Bradley, Kitty Corti, Annette Houston, Don Perkins and Mary Francis.
Bob’s second love after painting is sculpting and he started making dolls and puppets at age twelve. By junior high he started a puppet troupe called the Messypeace Theatre which regularly performed at the children’s room of the local public library and at the Maine Blueberry festival. Many news paper clippings and an interview on public radio rounded out Bob’s early puppetry career. Bob also enjoyed performing on stage in Junior High and High School musicals.