Andrei Zadorine | Belarusian Painter | 1960

Andrei Zadorine was born in Beriozovka, Belarus in 1960. Later, graduated from the Belarusian Art Institute in 1984 and completed post-graduate studies at the USSR Academy of Arts in Minsk in 1990.
"My aim is to have people look at my work like they look at fire or at the ocean". It is clear from ANDREI ZADORINE's words what his creative concept entails. With his works of art, he is not addressing man's intellect, he is aiming straight for the soul ... and he is creating a notion of reality all his own, where neither rational laws and ideas non logically arranged structures have much significance.
 Each artist has a place where his own soul was born, a kind of primal picture, a special driving force that propels him in a certain direction and serves as a buttres and a source of creativity. For Zadorine, it is his childhood memories and early musings that serve as his inner incentive.
Olga Kovalenko from "Modern Art in Belarus" in association with The Peter Naldus Collection.