Aug 20, 2013

Victor Katyuschik | Russian Figurative Painter

Mr. Victor was born on the 22-nd of June in 1967 in the town of Krasnoyarsk. Currently he is living in Khakasia, in the town of Abakan. From 1985 till 1988 he served in the Navy. In 1990 he was elected by students of Abakan Technical institute to Abakan town Soviet of People's Deputies. After finishing the institute he has high education and his profession is an engineer-mechanic.

His works are published in:
Vestnik KhTI the branch of KSTU N11
Vestnik KhTI the branch of KSTU N12,
The materials of the conferences:KMM-4,VNKCF-8
easel painting
drawings( graphic artist)
carving of wood and bones
copper-plate engraving

He has work as an painter since 1988.

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