Aug 25, 2013

Tomasz Rut | Polish Figurative Artist | Lovers

Tomasz Rut was born in Poland. He got trained in Art Conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Encouraged by his mother, a painter herself, as a child Tomasz Rut was introduced to the Pompeien Frescos and the magnificence of the Renaissance and the Baroque, which today inspire his stunning oil on canvases and sweeping murals. These masterful illusionary works, both in scale and splendor, evoke the harmony and form of the master painters, including the flamboyance of Rubens, the finesse of Caravaggio, and the emotion of Michelangelo.

Rut's imaginary figures - centaurs, fauns, muses, and winged creatures - colorfully burst from the canvas with the grandiosity of Olympian Gods in active and dramatic poses. His paintings express a broad range of human emotions and evoke passion, inspiration, power and strength. The timeless quality and integrity of his work has spawned a world-wide base of collectors.

Tomasz Rut has been selected by Robb Report the Editor's Choice Award as one of the Top Five most collectible artists in the United States of America. In addition, work by Tomasz Rut is currently under review by the Vatican as a possible inclusion into the Vatican Art Collection.


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