Ten Simple Steps to Paint Complicated Cloud Formations With Watercolors

Guest Post by R. Harlan Smith, he is a Water colorist and a Writer. For more about him Click Here

Even the most complicated cloud formations can be achieved by using these ten simple steps:

Cloud Formations
STEP 1. Use a broad brush (4 inch ordinary, inexpensive paint brush) to lay a moist surface across the entire sky area of the picture.

STEP 2. Use the same brush to color the area - gray, blue, etc.

STEP 3. Use a paper towel, sponge, tissue in a gentle circular motion to pick up the color, leaving a white uncolored surface.

STEP 4. Add a very slight tint in some areas with a diluted color of your choice to add a little drama, or none at all. It's your choice.

STEP 5. Follow up with a quick dry using a hair blower.

STEP 6. Don't worry if the paper warps a little. It will flatten again on its own.

STEP 7. Re-moisten chosen areas to add darker color values as you see fit.

STEP 8When the surface is thoroughly dry, use an ordinary typewriter eraser (the kind with the brush at one end) to achieve highlights where you want them.

STEP 9. Experiment first, then use a mirror to look at your results in reverse. The mirror is the best test you can use to evaluate your work.

STEP 10. Gloat.