August 4, 2013

Leo Stans, 1953 | American Painter

I believe it is our responsibility to use our talents to benefit others, and have pursued this ideal since I became a professional artist in 1980. Growing up in Minnesota and being an avid outdoors man, it was only natural for me to begin my artistic career painting wildlife. My artwork helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservation groups such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Whitetails Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

 “I am always striving to improve 
and create new and better 
work. The pursuit of creating 
the perfect painting is an 
elusive goal for any artist. 
However, the attempt must 
be made. If at the end of life’s 
journey this goal has not been
met, at least I will know that 
I have given my very best.” 
– Leo Stans

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