Jon Gernon | American Artist | NY

"In Jon's work there is a candid charm that belies that underlying complexity of his technique (egg tempera, oil and gilding). ·There is a softness to be found in these modern gilded paintings, a freshness, a liveliness that transcends the stern paintings of centuries past, while paying tribute to that history nonetheless." - Deidre Healy - President, Art Center of the Capital Region
"Jon Gernon has deftly woven that combination of mysticism and modernism, the past and the present into his contemporary icons and paintings" - Timothy Cahill - Chronogram Magazine

"Gernon's work reminds us that mysticism is still to be found in our modern age, and that the history of human experience and the art that has captured it from centuries past still resonates today" - ·David Brickman - Art Critic, Get Visual