Aug 29, 2013

Joadoor | Dutch Neo-Classical and Ancient painters | Desert Culture

Joadoor are the two Dutch Painters, Doornink and Hans-Jochem Bakker, who became inclined towards the ancient classics and the mystery of the Pharaohs while travelling around the world. They together showed a mysticism of the world and vivid cultures. They used to explore classical and ancient art styles and tried to develop different, innovated, new and contemporary images that are very distinct.

The rich colors and elegant cultures that Joadoor bring to their paintings and photographs set them apart as Contemporary artists. This is reflected in his work which is an inspirational mix of Oriental, Roman, Egyptian and African design. Florals and wildlife animals are another area of expertise and more recently this versatile artist has developed a new and very different contemporary ‘lounge’ style. After a busy life in the cosmopolitan cities of Milan and Tokyo Joadoor has now moved back to the Netherlands and has a large studio in the cultural heart of Amsterdam.

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