Aug 28, 2013

Daniel Brici | Romanian Artist | Children Paintings

My paintings describe a world that has not been looked into yet, the world of the Gypsies, kids that spend their lives on the street and the effect of that. I am telling a story about how life treats them and how they treat life, by painting their portraits I am showing everyone that they exist, that they are real and they often hide stories more interesting than everything we have heard before. I stopped and listened to them, taking photos and hearing what they had to say, this way I got close to a world that everyone hides from and avoids it. This subject offers me the possibility to let them tell the story of their lives and the public can imagine what was left untold.
The kids that I have painted are often pulled out of their normal context- the street- the background is often left untouched, white and pure and this lets the imagination to run its course, we can picture them in any possible context and bring them closer to the reality we all want to imagine.

The most important aspect of my works is the expression of the faces that I am painting, the feeling that my characters are transmitting at the moment when I take the photograph. My main preoccupation is to catch the exact reality that I am seeing in front of my eyes that certain moment, the dirt on their faces, the wounds, the smiles and everything that comes natural along the way and I am painting everything I see in a hyper realistic manner.

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