American Surrealist painter | Barry Gross 1948

Barry Gross was born in America in 1948. Barry's paintings are indications of the current period of spiritual wondering.  He paints distant memories, dreams, visions and people with beautifully articulated and crafted figures. His beautiful works offers a riddle to the viewer to solve. His art works puts an emphasis on the placement of nicely and precisely rendered human forms with mysterious landscapes which mesmerizes the viewer.

 "Barry is not afraid to get in your face with his art. I have followed Barry's career and have seen him progress through several stages, but never losing his ability to talk to the viewer with beautifully strong images that put the viewer into whatever state of mind Barry wants them: peaceful, mystical, jovial, awestruck, and sometimes anger, showing an honesty that is brutal, but undeniable."

Jeanne Frazier - American Art Collector Magazine.