Jul 29, 2013

Classical Realist Painter Brenda Burke | British Artist

Brenda Burke started to paint at an early age of three years.  Her career has spanned more than half a century, encompassing paintings, portraits, sculpture and printmaking. She has trained in the classical style of the old masters at the renowned Farnham art school just outside of London, England and continuing her studies in Florence and Rome, Italy, Burke’s wealth of experience, technical excellence and artistic vision is evident in each of her exceptional works of art.
Her work can be seen in private collections around the world.  Sometimes known as the Painter of Royalty, Brenda has been chosen to present her work to Her Majesty The Queen of England.  She was commissioned to paint the celebratory portrait for Prince Charles and Lady Diana's engagement, and she was again selected to create the painting for the christening of Prince William.

 Her skill and versatility has also been shown in a collection of limited edition wax and porcelain dolls, dressed in fine silks and antique French lace.Brenda is currently working on paintings inspired by the immortal horses of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, and as always, she continues to be inspired by love of the beauty she finds in the world around us.


  1. I recently read that Brenda Burke is no longer living. I would like to use one of her paintings on an independent book cover. Who do I contact. Her paintings are so awesome. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    1. Hi Jen, You may contact a website which sells her paintings or prints.

  2. Thanks. Do you happen to have a link?

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