American Figurative Sculptor-"Mark Newman" 1962

Mark Newman was born in 1962 in America. He is a sculpture who has near about 19 years of professional activities. He has a personal studio and spends most of his time there to produce some of the most vivacious and beautiful sculpture the world has seen. He gets inspired by other artists and loves to create, draw and observe people and forms. His works and style is beautifully expressed through his beautiful looking sculptures that appear to be realistic and alive.

According to Mark-“"I'm a traditional figurative sculptor. I primarily work commercially for a number of companies sculpting master prototypes for production. Companies like Lenox Inc., Bowen Designs Inc., Side Show collectibles, among others. I also do bronze sculpture for privet parties such as 1/4 to 1/3rd scale sports figures for Stanford Universities sports department through John Arriaga. Bronze fireplace facades for George Lucas and Skywalker ranch. Also my own 'Fine Art' bronze sculpture when I find the time".